I.P.E (Electromagnetic Polarity Reverser)

Electromagnetic Polarity Reverser (I.P.E)

Electromagnetic Polarity Reverser (I.P.E)

BFL International has developed its own system to get rid of damp in walls: the I.P.E (Electromagnetic Polarity Reverser).

BFL International manages to get rid of damp in walls thanks to its system, emitting very-low-frequency electromagnetic waves, without any repercussion on users’ health. Their emissions are no higher than those of household appliances such as washing-machines, hair-dryers, refrigerators, electric or microwave ovens.

The I.P.E has received an international certificate from the ICNIRP Institute: the electromagnetic waves emitted are not harmful to the health of people, animals, or plants, as they are of very low intensity and frequency.

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The electro-physical principle used to remove damp from a building is based on the positive and negative poles of water molecules. For water to rise up the walls, its molecules’ negative poles must be turned upwards. The I.P.E reverses the polarity by sending electromagnetic waves that prevent water molecules to unite and ascend through capillary action, repelling them towards the soil. This device pushes the water molecules down to the building’s foundations and prevents water to rise up in the walls by capillarity.

The I.P.E must be plugged at all times but consumes very little energy (0.75 W). A 12 V external power supply is included. It consumes about £12 of electricity annually. Easy to install, no equipment needed.

The I.P.E works at very low frequency and very easily penetrates into solid bodies. It includes a 30-year supplier’s guarantee and a performance guarantee.




BFL International has developed 6 types of devices with various treatment ranges. The I.P.E can indeed be effective on rising damp of buildings ranging from 100 m2 to several thousands of m2.



                        Technical Specifications
    Model   Range (m)  Dimension (cm)      kg
    IPE 12            6       25 x 15 x 4.5     1,7
    IPE 16            8       25 x 15 x 4.5     1,7
    IPE 22            11       25 x 15 x 4.5     1,7
    IPE 32            16       25 x 15 x 4.5     1,7
    IPE 46            23       30 x 20 x 6,7     2,2
    IPE 62            31       30 x 20 x 6,7     2,2